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bifrost - is a speculative concept of reloading oil, food supplies, and other resources on the sea. the project consists of multiple modular cubic structures filled with tanks, laboratories, workshops, and passages equipped with elevators. the structures create forms with wells, creating industrial interiors. bifrost will slowly become a market space. a remote place for trade and exchange.
the wells are inhabited by workers who have there their headquarters. pillars are mounted to the main structure by suspensions which enables a delicate movement. industrial elevators lift immense tones of heavy resources, which is why they are connected to the cranes. there are three types of workflow: vertical, horizontal, and linear.
bifrost is equipped with 2 large and 3 small gates which serve as an entrance leading to the interior dock. the gates are designed as ‚ship thru’ points.

every object or mesh used in the model was created by jakub pietryszyn. no external assets were used.

echoes of the future is a mini-series presenting the futuristic design of industrial facilities on a dystopian earth. mankind is a well-known species designed and shaped for exploration and conquer. Despite the damage we do to our home, earth, our lust for the unknown pushes us further and further. mini-series consists of 5 speculative concept projects, focused on industrial/scientific relations between mankind and earth.